How To Unlock Your Inner Self

“It’s a fact that we can’t perform physically if we cannot work properly mentally so by forcing my body to work when I really feel like crashing into my bed, I am also developing mental resources that I can then use in my less physical day job.”

  • Focus — I choose exercises that require some kind of precision to execute. I take the view that I am there to push against every limit. The precision of physical work takes me out of my own mind and the state of feeling sorry for myself because I am mentally drained and physically tired and it transports me into a zone where I just perform. This allows my body to feel rejuvenated as oxygen-enriched blood flows through it and my brain to recharge as it unwinds and focuses on something different and singular.
  • Flow — I choose exercises that have some kind of natural flow so there is momentum and a certain amount of conservation of energy due to efficiency of technique. This is critical, at least for me, because it creates a sensation of freedom of movement where I feel my body perform almost like it has a mind of its own and that feels exhilarating. Plus the feeling when you get something right when you feel this low is simply amazing.
  • Speed — The exercises I choose have some element of speed either in a part of the exercise routine or in all of it. Speed creates metabolic fatigue and allows me to test where the boundaries lie. And really, when it comes to using physical training as the key to unlocking your mental resources you can’t accept any boundary you can’t test.
  • Complexity — Exercises that are complex become the easiest way there is to test concentration. In the beginning of the workout they are really hard work. The body is reluctant to do them and the mind doesn’t want to focus. And then, as you get through the first batch something clicks and everything flows better. You will find that your body is constantly improving and your mind has reset itself. While you know you are getting more tired paradoxically you feel less so.

Grow from Every Set



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