The Challenge of Change And How To Do it Really Well

Fundamentally change is a redirection of mental, physical and psychological resources to do things differently.

The Blueprint for Successful Change Management

  • Set incremental goals. Go to the next logical thing based not on what is necessary but on what your strengths, skills and abilities allow you to. It will still be challenging and it will stretch you but it’s manageable and with a little effort it can be mastered.
  • Celebrate every success. Make each success part of your present. Own it. Contextualize it in terms of what you want to achieve long term and where you want to go, but nevertheless feel pride in what you did and develop a sense of real capability in achieving positive outcomes.
  • Formalize it. Make incremental progress and improvement part of your identity. Don’t “achieve and forget”. Each success becomes the building block of who you are. Each failure becomes a hard-earned lesson on how to come back stronger and better.
  • Apply it. Managing change, just like learning to walk and (later) to run requires constant practice and reinforcement. To do it successfully you need to make it part of your DNA instead of a ‘grand plan’ or a ‘major project’.



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